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How to feng shui your way to success in the Year of the Ox

To reinforce your success this 12 months, there are some issues you are able to do in your house or workplace, in accordance with feng shui beliefs. Listed here are some ideas from feng shui grasp Lee Cheng Hoe on the best way to benefit from the Yr of the Ox.

Enlarge the fortunate stars

There are numerous auspicious places in 2021 in accordance with the Annual Flying Star Feng Shui Chart. You might be in luck in case your bed room, important door, workplace or store is positioned in any of them. However there are additionally methods to extend your success.

The West is the place the Quantity 8 White (Earth) Annual Star is positioned. As we’re presently in Interval 8, the Quantity 8 Star is one of the best of all as it’s the present wealth location.

Activate it utilizing a fan or clock to stimulate the circulate of auspicious energies. Additional improve the qi with a treasure bowl filled with crystals. Set up a ‘shifting water’ function to energise it for added prosperity.

Within the South is the Number one White (Water) Annual Star which is sweet for wealth, love and profession. Activate it utilizing a water function. Those that want to discover a companion, improve their gross sales quantity or improve their wealth ought to utilise this sector.

The Quantity 6 White (Metallic) Annual Star within the Centre is conducive in direction of profession development and brings windfalls and different oblique wealth alternatives. Energise it utilizing a crystal ball with Six Emperor Cash. Spend extra time right here in the event you want to improve your possibilities of hanging the lottery.Bamboo crops can improve your success when positioned within the Northeast and East places in 2021. Picture: bearfotos/Freepik

The Quantity 9 Purple (Hearth) Annual Star on the Northeast brings excellent news or glad occasions similar to getting married or having a child. Additionally it is the secondary wealth sector. Improve your success utilizing 9 pots of crops or 9 bamboo crops secured with a purple ribbon. Additionally, shine a vibrant gentle and place a purple carpet there too.

Those that want to have a child ought to spend extra time right here and hold the world nicely activated. Notice that the Northeast is the situation for the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) as nicely this 12 months, therefore no renovations, knocking or breaking of partitions must be achieved on this space.

The Quantity 4 Inexperienced (Wooden) Annual Star within the East makes it one of the best place for scholastic achievement and is especially good for brainstorming and decision-making. Utilise this sector for a greater relationship amongst {couples} or to boost potential romantic encounters. Activate it with Wen Fang Si Bao (4 Treasures of the Research) or a Wen Chang pagoda or put 4 bamboo crops in a vase crammed with water.

Take be aware that the Three Killings (feng shui afflictions) can be within the East this 12 months, however that may be remedied with three small Qi Lin (Chinese language unicorn or dragon horse) to scale back the detrimental affect.

Suppress detrimental energies

Fret not if you’re presently caught in an unfavourable location. To scale back the affect of the inauspicious stars, Grasp Lee recommends some steps which you could take.

The Quantity 5 Yellow (Earth) Annual Star within the Southeast makes it the worst location and probably the most harmful sector. No renovations, hammering or breaking of partitions on this space must be achieved.

Watch out for accidents and obstacles. Treatment with Fortune Water (often known as An Ren Shui or salt water treatment), however watch out to not have ‘shifting water’ options there. Keep away from having any red-coloured objects on this space.

The Quantity 7 (Metallic) Annual Star within the Northwest makes it a hotspot for arguments, theft, robberies and well being points. Suppress the detrimental energies utilizing a glass of water with coarse salt.

The Quantity 2 Black (Earth) Annual Star on the North sector triggers sickness and lack of wealth in addition to making it the place the place undesirable spirits like to assemble. Treatment utilizing Fortune Water or 5 Emperor Cash or a Bronze Dragon Turtle.

The Quantity 3 Jade (Wooden) Annual Star on the Southwest sparks fixed arguments, and in excessive instances, could result in lawsuits. Treatment with a red-coloured object similar to a purple carpet, purple gentle or purple couch. The Southwest can be in direct battle with the Grand Duke, therefore keep away from renovations, or the hammering or breaking of partitions there.

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