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Full Moon Tarot Card Spread

Hello everybody today is a full moon for Bangalore. For Tarot Practitioners and other Occultists full moon night is very significant. This night is full of energies and helps a seeker achieve more in sync with his or her intuition.

There is a full moon spread which you too can try. I will explain the spread here. As moon signifies our emotional energies and intuition this spread will be about the same.

1 – This card signifies the positive emotions in our life which are helping us to grow to our next level of growth.

3 – This card signifies the negative emotions in our life which are stopping us from reaching our full potential.

2 – This card signifies the future actions which we need to take in our life to help our positive emotions to grow and cut down our negative emotions.

4- This card signifies the past actions of ours which have lead to our current emotional state.

5- This card speaks about the current emotional state of the querent.

This spread can be used in any type of context of the querent. Be it romantic, career or a financial reading that you are doing.

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