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Everything Numerology Says About 2022

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Now that 2022 has begun, do you want you could possibly predict what the yr has in retailer for you? Put away your pendulum and tarot playing cards for the second, as a result of numerology is revealing 2022’s plans. Transfer over Regulation of Attraction, we’re decoding the hidden language of numbers!

Psst! Are you questioning, “What the heck is numerology and the way a lot work is that this going to require?” I am right here to assist: Numerology is kind of just like the cool, obscure pal of astrology. It may appear a bit unknown or “esoteric” as a result of astrology is having the longest “Sizzling Lady Summer time” ever, however like astrology, we will use it to assist make predictions and be taught extra about ourselves.

What’s a Common 12 months Quantity?

Not solely do you personally have a Life Path Quantity, however so does the yr 2022. Properly, kind of. In accordance with Western numerology, yearly holds a major vibration code that gives perception into what themes will come ahead for the collective. That is what is named a Common 12 months Quantity.

How you can Calculate a Common 12 months Quantity

A Common 12 months Quantity is straightforward to decode. Even when math was your least favourite topic, you’ll be capable to deal with this equation. Merely add all of the numbers within the yr. Within the case of 2022, this provides as much as a complete of 6, making this a 6 Common 12 months.

This yr, 2022, breaks all the way down to 2 + 0 + 2 + 2. This equals 6.

Subsequent yr, 2023, breaks all the way down to 2 + 0 + 2 + 3. This equals 7.

You are able to do this with any yr, previous, current and future. Wherever there’s numbers, there’s numerology. Do that train together with your start yr and see how the key occasions of the world correlated with the Common 12 months Quantity related to it.

Notice: When including Common 12 months Numbers, at all times ensure the grand whole reduces to a sum of 1 via 9…until it provides as much as a Grasp Quantity, that are 11, 22, and 33. Grasp Numbers are by no means additional diminished in Western numerology. For instance, 1999 is a 1 Common 12 months, as a result of 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 28 takes you to 2+8=10, which takes you to 1+0=1.

How you can Use Common 12 months Numbers

Now that you simply’re in on this lesser-known type of divination, what do you do with the data? Begin familiarizing your self with the essential definitions of the numbers. All numbers carry power, and due to this fact they signify themes. They are saying, “all the things lies veiled in numbers,” and that is no lie. When you perceive the essential definitions of numbers, you’ll be capable to foretell what themes the yr will deliver into focus for you.

What The Numerology of 2022 Means

As you realize by now, 2022 is a 6 Common 12 months Quantity.

The key phrases associated to the quantity 6 embrace steadiness, residence, well being, karma, love, success, and service.

That is the power of instilling self-discipline, boundaries, and humanitarianism. As you progress via the remainder of this yr, mirror on how these themes are showing for you in your private karma.

Take it a step additional and sit with these areas of life and combine them into your 2022 affirmations.

An Intention-Setting Train 2022:

Replicate on or journal about these questions:

How are you welcoming steadiness into your life this yr?

How do you intend on being of service to your group?

What methods are you embodying deeper self-love?

The themes of the yr can organically tie into your intentions. Because the yr progresses, hold these questions in thoughts. Might you manifest properly.

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