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Elementary Tarot Workshop

Who is it for?

This workshop is for someone who:-

Aspires to be a tarot reader
Totally new to tarot
Practicing but not confident
Find yourself referring to the guidebook
Want to be able to read intuitively
Busy schedule and don’t know how to learn
Wants to have a strong foundation

The Elementary Tarot Workshop

A workshop that takes you through the basics using the Rider Waite Smith deck.

The Course Includes:-
1) Origin, History, and Introduction to Tarot
2) Preparation, Ambiance, Precautions
3) Identifying the cards
4) Major Arcana with upright meanings and keywords
5) Minor Arcana with upright meanings and keywords a) Swords b) Wands c) Pentacles d) Cups
6) 5 Tarot Spreads
7) How to frame questions
8) Accuracy of tarot
9) A keyword chart
10) Meanings Booklet
11) Certificate
12) Tarot student community group
13) Intuitive reading activities
14) Activities to make concepts strong
15) Sample reading practice

Contact/What’s App
Dev – 8553108398 for more details

This 8 Hours program helps you read tarot cards and you are able to do confident readings for yourself and others at the end of the program.

Note: Tests and activities need to be completed before the certificate is issued.

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