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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Wednesday, 7th July 2021⠀⠀

Love – King of Pentacles

#DearSoul, The King of Pentacles is not afraid to spend money in order to enjoy life to its fullest. This card reminds us of the sensual, physical pleasures that life can bring.

In romance, the King of Pentacles may also mean that you will finally meet the partner you have been longing for, who will love you just for who you are.

If you are already in a relationship, the King of Pentacles indicates that you are entering a new period of stability. However, if you are not happy with your current romantic situation, you will need to say so for anything to change. Be honest with yourself and your partner — things will sort themselves out.

Career & Finances – The Fool

#DearSoul, The Fool is a great card to receive when you’re just beginning a new job or business venture, the only drawback being that you can be so enthusiastic about the work that you stop acting like a professional. Be careful not to focus on those elements of the job that you love so much — the creative, fun stuff — at the expense of the more tedious tasks also attached to the endeavour.

The Fool indicates that great things are in the awning, just so long as you let go of any self-doubt or fears you may have and are prepared to fully devote yourself to this new career direction.

The Fool is a highly positive card when it comes to finances. It can mean a new project is about to pay off or that you’re in store for a raise at your job. Essentially, the Fool represents big opportunities for money and career advancement.

Health – Queen of Wands

#DearSoul, In general, the Queen of Wands is a very positive sign of health. Your energy level and vitality should be good, and again, if pregnancy is a possibility for you, whether you‘re ready or not, the Queen says that you could very well conceive soon. So if you are not in the market, take the appropriate precautions, and then some. You are likely to be at least a little keyed up when the Queen appears; make time for rest and relaxation, no matter what.

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