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DailyGuidance Tarot for Wednesday, 6th January 2021

Love – Knight of Pentacles

DearSoul, The Knight of Pentacles is hardworking and diligent. He is patient, reliable, and steady, though sometimes deeply absorbed in his work. They prefer not to take risks in love, as well as elsewhere in their lives. It is difficult to get this person to change their minds; which means they can be stubborn, but also a very trustworthy and dedicated partner.

This can also suggest a relationship that is deep and reliable, but not very exciting. If you’re at a point where you would like commitment, stability, and security in your love life, this card can be a welcome sight. It indicates a partnership in which both of you will be working towards your long term goals together.

Career & Finances – Queen of Cups

DearSoul, In a career reading, this card signifies that your current position at the office is quietly evolving into your potential dream job. However, you’ll need to muster up every last ounce of your resilience if you’re going to succeed in meeting the very real challenges this job presents.

You’re looking at major changes in your life now. If you can roll with them you will emerge from it all as a happier, significantly wealthier person.

If you’re suffering money woes, take this as a sign that you’re due for a rebound and will soon be financially comfortable again.

Health – The Devil

DearSoul, Take note of any areas you are over-indulging in that might be leading to a decline in your overall well-being. Then, figure out ways to improve in these areas a little at a time.

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