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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Tuesday, 6th July 2021⠀⠀

Love – Page of Cups

#DearSoul, The Page of Cups is a good omen in a love reading as it portends something major is in the works, be that a marriage proposal, a pregnancy, birth, or the announcement of an engagement.

If you’re single, the Page of Cups indicates that a secret admirer is about to come out of the shadows and make themselves known to you. This individual will be hugely attractive to you sexually, and will probably be much younger as well.

If you’re in a relationship you need to start being a little more romantic and spontaneous, as your union is in danger or growing tired and old.

Career & Finances – Page of Swords

#DearSoul, You have a career path carefully planned out in your mind. Having laid out each step to your ultimate goal might seem like enough, but it is only the beginning. Executing your plan will require endurance and strength that might be difficult for you to muster.

Remember that progress can be slow, but the journey itself is often more rewarding than the destination.

You are overconfident about your financial situation. While you may feel secure in your methods and confident about your savings and budget, you should seek an expert opinion.

As a doctor can heal the body, a financial advisor can make sure your financial health is shipshape.

Health – 9 of Pentacles

#DearSoul, The 9 of Pentacles is a very encouraging card with regard to health. You should be feeling full of vitality, and hopeful and optimistic about the future. If you‘re waiting on test results, they will likely come back in your favour. Think about your usual mode of thought; remember that thoughts are things, and will affect your health. Be as positive as you can.

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