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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Tuesday, 29th December 2020

Love – The Empress

#DearSoul, Finding the Empress in a love reading could hardly be more positive. It signifies that you are especially desirable right now, with all genders eager to be around you, both for friendship & in the hope of possibly enjoying a taste of your erotic charms.

If you are already in a relationship it will only become more loving and intense under the influence of the Empress. And if you’re single, even if you aren’t in the market for a committed relationship right now, true love might decide to start knocking on your door regardless.

Career & Finances – The Hanged Man

#DearSoul, Because it is a card of patience, the Hanged Man tarot card often appears in money & career readings when things aren’t really going as planned.

Sometimes, this means a promotion isn’t available or given as hoped. It can also represent the slow & stagnated growth of a business one hoped would take off.

If things take longer than expected to turn a profit or your financial stability seems to be on shaky ground, hold fast. Things will improve eventually if you continue to give consistent effort.

You will want to avoid borrowing money, making promises or going deeper with investments though.

Health – The World

#DearSoul, When it comes to healing and taking care of yourself, you’re on the wrong path. You keep trying the same tactics over and over, expecting different results. Perhaps you’ve been trying to lose weight through exercise but your diet needs a change. Consider the difficult options that you’ve always avoided.

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Card Deck – The Fenestra Tarot Deck

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