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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Tuesday, 12th January 2021

Love – Page of Cups

#DearSoul, This a good omen in a love reading as it portends something major is in the works, be that a marriage proposal, a pregnancy, birth, or the announcement of an engagement.

If you’re single, this indicates that a secret admirer is about to come out of the shadows and make themselves known to you. This individual will be hugely attractive to you sexually, and will probably be much younger as well.

If you’re in a relationship you need to start being a little more romantic and spontaneous, as your union is in danger or growing tired & old.

Career & Finances – 8 of Swords

#DearSoul, As the embodiment of inaction resulting from fear, this represents a tendency to poke sticks into your own spokes. At work, you may feel as though you are advancing too fast, that your situation is “too good to be true.” Be kind to yourself, and just try to do your best.

You’re feeling economic stress. You may be counting your pennies, despite being in a financially stable place. It might be worth talking to a professional to help you move past this anxious state.

Health – 3 of Swords

#DearSoul, Your health is starting to improve after a long period of pain and suffering. Your newfound determination to prioritize your physical and mental health has proven beneficial to every other aspect of your life.

While you still go through bouts of anxiety and depression, every day seems a little less dark now. If you continue along this path, eventually you’ll truly be free of sorrow.

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