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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Saturday, 3rd July 2021⠀

Love – The Moon

#DearSoul, Whether you’re in a relationship or single, the Moon indicates a desire for change.

This could mean having a serious talk with your partner regarding your goals and needs or even parting ways with someone who isn’t willing to change. While your love life may seem enviable to that outside of it, this veil of perfection should not blind you to your partner’s shortcomings.

If you are single, don’t be over-eager — your love interest may have a hidden agenda or skeletons in their closet.

Career & Finances – The Empress

#DearSoul, When it comes to work and career, the Empress is a welcome card to find in a spread. So far as actual careers go, the Empress denotes working from home or in the fashion and beauty industries.

If you haven’t already, you will soon rise into a leadership role at your primary place of employment or take charge of a specific side-project you find deeply engaging. Should you be facing a difficult time in your professional life right now, the Empress is telling you to go with the flow and not become absorbed by your worries. Your situation is already in the process of getting significantly better, you just might not have realized it yet.

While your finances are healthy and growing, it’s time for you to start sharing the wealth a little and be there for others who aren’t quite as fortunate.

This can be accomplished through general philanthropy or by simply offering a loan to a relative who you know will never likely be in a position to pay you back. It’s good for your karma and since money tends to have a “here today, gone tomorrow” quality about it sometimes, you never know when that resulting good karma of yours might come in handy.

This is also an excellent time to invest, but be sure to follow your instincts with the investments you do make, even if they appear to clash with your financial advisers suggestions. This only applies, however, if you have learned to recognize and trust your instincts on a relatively profound level, an ability which unfortunately eludes the vast majority of people in this day and age.

Health – The Devil

#DearSoul, This is a time that you need to watch out for being overworked, overtired, and over-stressed. Exercise will help, as will anything that helps you focus on the problems faced by others rather than on your own problems. If you are dealing with a chronic health condition, don‘t let it define you; you are more than your diseases and you are better served by using any health challenges as an impetus for growth.

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