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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Saturday, 20th March, 2021

Love – The High Priestess

#DearSoul, This card could mean that a romantic appointment is being made in secret — a couple is coming together without anyone knowing. It may also mean that a woman is expecting a child to her surprise, or that an unexpected & happy event is soon to occur.

If you are in a relationship, you don’t always express your feelings. Both you & your partner are reserved & silent, although neither one of you doubts or distrusts the other. If you date women, you could well be interested in one who is distant & unapproachable.

Career & Finances – 6 of Cups

#DearSoul, In a career reading, drawing this is a sign that you may be returning to a position you had in the past. Whether that be the same business, job title, or project, it will once again become the focus of your professional life.

The card can also be an omen for those struggling in business. It’s a reminder not to repeat past mistakes. In order to move forward you have to try something new.

You’re financially secure, but are missing out on a sum of money that belongs to you. You may have lent money to a friend that’s now long overdue — you may have even forgotten about it entirely. Don’t lose sight of it, but don’t let this obsess you either.

Health – 3 of Cups

#DearSoul, This is a great time to consider what you are doing & perhaps should be doing – to increase your health and vitality. Do you need more exercise? More rest? Think it through & come up with a game plan. You can do better if even only slightly than what you are doing right now.

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