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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Monday, 8th February 2021

Love – Ace of Swords

#DearSoul, It’s time to speak to speak your mind and take action. Something has been bugging you about your relationship but you’ve been too afraid to say it. Now is the time. Suffering in silence may seem like the easiest way out when in truth you’re causing more hard than good.

If you’re single, drawing this is a sign that you’ll find love soon, just so long as you’re honest with yourself. Be realistic about your expectations, but don’t settle for anything short of what you’re truly seeking in a relationship.

Career & Finances – The Star

#DearSoul, Be open to new opportunities and ready to capitalise on them when they present themselves. This could be a promotion, a prospective client, or a job opening overseas.

If you haven’t been happy with your situation, now is a good time to start looking around for greener pastures. Consider a career in the entertainment industry, public service, or digital communications.

Now is a good time financially. Making a few small investments should pay off down the line. Overall, this is definitely a sign of financial luck, but not boundless good fortune. Small leaps of faith are recommended — just make sure that you’ve calculated the risks.

Health – 2 of Pentacles

#DearSoul, You need to balance your health efforts with your personal and professional responsibilities. Be sure that you are taking time for your own life, your own rest, relaxation, & healing. If you put yourself last on the list of things to think about, your health situation will definitely suffer.

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