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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Monday, 5th April, 2021

Love – The Sun

#DearSoul, With confidence like the Sun’s, you love both yourself and those who surround you. You may not be perfect, but your ability for self-reflection and positive change will attract interesting new people into your life, affording you the opportunity to explore new romantic relationships.

If you are already in a relationship, this suggests a bright future for it. Your confidence extends to your partner, whom you will continue to appreciate and trust. If you are having relationship problems, this encourages openness and clear communication.

Career & Finances – The Fool

#DearSoul, This is a great card to receive when you’re just beginning a new job or business venture, the only drawback being that you can be so enthusiastic about the work that you stop acting like a professional.

This indicates that great things are in the awning, just so long as you let go of any self-doubt or fears you may have.

This is a highly positive card when it comes to finances. It can mean a new project is about to pay off or that you’re in store for a raise at your job. This represents big opportunities for money & career advancement.

Health – Judgment

#DearSoul, This is an important time to let go of the past & any wrongs that you perceive were done to you, particularly if you are dealing with chronic medical issues. Letting go of your need to be right will go a long way toward helping you to feel better. Think positively.

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