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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Monday, 26th April 2021

Love – The Emperor

#DearSoul, If your single, be ready to fall in love soon if this card shows up! The Emperor tarot card in a love and relationship reading means action, commitment, and stability.

Known for his authority and fatherly nature, the Emperor often indicates a romantic relationship with an older person, who will lavish you with love, attention, and support.

If you’re already in a relationship, the Emperor tarot card is a good sign as he stands for monogamy and long-lasting relationships. It tells you that your partner is with you for the long run and your relationship will be stable.

Are you having a hard time with your loved one? If this is the case, this card tells you that the situation will improve soon.

Be ready to fall in love soon if you’re single
If you’re in a relationship, the Emperor predicts a long-lasting relationship
Relationship troubles will soon be over or improve

Career & Finances – Queen of Cups

#DearSoul, In a career reading, the Queen of Cups encourages you to consider whether your job is taking care of your emotional well-being or not. No paycheck is worth your inner peace.

If you discover that your job is making you unhappy or using up all of your energy, you must walk away. There are plenty of other opportunities on the horizon for you.

In a finance reading, the Queen of Cups bodes well for your financial state. She reminds you to be vigilant in spending and saving money for long-term success. Overall, though, money won’t be your focus at this time in your life.

Health – The Hermit

#DearSoul, Ritual of any sort will be helpful to you health-wise. Any health problems could be drawing your attention to a problem that is not in your body so much as in your life; for example, a bad back could indicate that you are “carrying too much” metaphorically speaking. Take care of yourself.

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