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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Friday, 25th December 2020

Love – Ace of Pentacles

#DearSoul, Although not generally associated with love, the Ace of Pentacles upright should be interpreted positively in relationship readings. Usually, it represents a new love and a fresh start with a person that will provide stability.

This person might not come into your life like a knight (or princess) in shining armour. Still, the sense of security he or she will bring will be a breath of fresh air and exactly what you need.

If you are already married or in a committed relationship, a new beginning is still on the brink. You can expect a positive shift in your union, a strengthened bond, and possibly a new business or combined venture to tie you two together. If you have been considering taking your relationship to the next level, this card is a good omen.

Career & Finances – 4 of Pentacles

#DearSoul, The number four symbolises security and the need for stability. Financial security is something that the majority of people seek, but with anything, there is a way to take it too far.

In a money and career reading, the Four of Pentacles signifies material success but cautions against being too materialistic. You can have security without having to be finance-focused all of the time. Consider working toward a balanced life where one aspect isn’t more important than another.

Health – The Fool

#DearSoul, The Fool is a card of strong energy. If you have been ill or struggling with your emotional/mental health, the Fool can represent a new lease on life and feeling uninhibited.

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