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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Friday, 18th September 2020

Love – 8 of Wands

#DearSoul, In the context of love, when the 8 appears, you probably are feeling ready for a commitment that doesn‘t seem to be forthcoming. Again, you must not push someone before they are ready. You can‘t get your needs met by force. Distract yourself if necessary, and your beloved may be back to you before you know it, offering the love you‘d been hoping for, on a silver platter.

Career & Finances – The Wheel of Fortune

#DearSoul, You’re standing in front of the possibility of a big and unexpected breakthrough! If a miracle does not occur there must be something wrong. The law of the wheel is that nothing remains constant. See what you should change to the next state transition. Otherwise you are in danger of return to where you started. Fortune Wheel is an ancient symbol and represents fortune and is able to develop events and a lot of experience in your life. Fortune wheel will not give you whatever you want but it will provide you with anything that you need for progress and change and reminds you of tomorrow.

Health – Page of Cups

#DearSoul, Listen to your body with great care and great compassion. What might it be telling you? For example, if you‘re having back pain, are you carrying (literally or figuratively) too much?

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