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#DailyGuidance for Tuesday, 8th Oct. 2019

Your love life is under the sign of tenderness today, #DearSoul. The gentle Star and the High Priestess suggest some wonderful moments of friendship, or maybe you’re about to meet someone charming and delightful. Your thoughts are on the right track and you’re planning positively for the future. All of which means you’re in perfect harmony with both yourself and your loved ones.

As far as work goes, there are lots of good things in store for you! Under the benevolent influence of the Star, your projects and ambitions come to fruition with no problems. You’re not in the most energetic or aggressive frame of mind, but factors outside of your control will provide support and allow you to advance at a calm and steady pace towards turning your ambitions into reality. It’s like magic! #AmazingTarot #Angels #DevBorah #Tarot #TarotReading

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