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#DailyGuidance for Tuesday, 21st April 2020

Knight of Cups

The young man – an invitation or offer
young man with dignity and maybe a little lazy – a good idea – marriage proposal – a man with carnal desires – sometimes means proposal by a sly and dishonest young which should be reviewed carefully.

This card represents the character of a young man with warm feelings and passionate poetry skills. If this card is selected by a young man, it describes his details, otherwise it could be representative of a proposal by someone with this specifications

Healing Words:
Now I’m finding the needed connection.

Love- #DearSoul, This is a very, very positive card to get when you are asking about love. If you are single, this card often indicates that someone is about to “sweep you off your feet.” If you are in a relationship, the Knight can indicate final commitments/marriage. At the least, in the context of love, this card means positive messages, things that you would like to hear. Be open to the exploration of your feelings.

Finances- #DearSoul, This card can mean that you will soon get very good news about your finances. The Knight often indicates messages that are uplifting and positive. If you‘re concerned about finances and get this card in a reading, if nothing else figure out exactly where you are financial, to the penny. The situation is almost certainly not as bad as you think.

Health- #DearSoul, If you are waiting on test results regarding your health and you get this card, relax and know that the news will be good. In general with your health, the Knight means you will soon be feeling better/even healthier!

Work- #DearSoul, Work projects are likely to move ahead in a positive way, sooner than you‘re expecting, when this card shows in a reading. You should be proud of your accomplishments and your contributions.

Spirituality- #DearSoul, You are getting ready to enter new realms in your spiritual exploration. The Knight often means that you will soon receive a message from spirit (this sometimes comes through another human, however,) which will open up new ways of looking at things for you. Pay attention to things that seem like a coincidence. These are often the way that spirit “gets through” to us.#Angels #DevBorah #Tarot #TarotReading #AmazingTarot #Horoscope

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