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#DailyGuidance for Sunday, 31st May 2020

Love – The Hermit

#DearSoul, It‘s possible that a romance from your past will be re-kindled. Is that really what you want? It seems that romantic relationships are not currently a priority for you right now. If your head says that you want nothing more than a romantic relationship; look at your behaviour. Does it align with that analysis? In a committed relationship, you might have been moving in different directions for a while now. Make sure to make the time and effort to stay connected in order to keep the spark alive.

Career & Finances – The Sun

#DearSoul, The Sun God has a message of light and joy for you and makes dreams come true. You will experience the unlimited joy in what you are responsible for. It is a unique opportunity in the context of the work of art. Creative work, keeps mind focused like senses. If you are not married, you’ll find the ideal partner and give perfection to your flourish.

Health – 9 of Swords

#DearSoul, This is a time to be very cautious about your intake of substances such as drugs or alcohol, because you may be self medicating, when what you really need is to get to the bottom of what is bugging you. Stress can be taking a mighty toll. Look at ways to mitigate your risk factors and to deal with stress. If all else fails, think about changing your lifestyle and the things you‘re spending your money on. Sometimes it really is money or your life, in more ways than being robbed at gunpoint.

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