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#DailyGuidance for Saturday, 25th April 2020

The Moon

Honor, glory, fame. The moon changes its shape, going through different phases. Because of its variability it has become a symbol of femininity, transformation, and development. A reward, recognition, respect of others, hence the feeling of psychological comfort, tranquility and harmony. This card has a dual meaning.

One – a thirst for changes, pleasure and adventure. The other – the need to rest and reflect. Susceptibility, intuition and “burden of the past” (perhaps even from previous incarnations), requiring interpretation or processing. Advice to focus on meditation and finding yourself.

This card encourages you to look into your past to understand the causes behind what is happening now. Let your intuition guide you in this journey. The Moon path will inevitably lead to the sunlight. In a spiritual sense – a successful transformation of abilities and experience, public recognition.

The moon is a symbol of tradition, deep roots. If people adhere to these principles, she guarantees support and recognition of others (family or groups). In some cases, it may mean a time period lasting one lunar month. Remember that is symbolized by the Moon is temporary – both positive and negative.

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