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#DailyGuidance for Monday, 27th April 2020

The Tree

Health. Vitality, opportunity. This card depicts the Tree of Life – a symbol of strength, health and happy existence. Its sturdiness and resistance symbolises maturity, wisdom and ability for self-analysis. The traditional meaning of the tree with roots deep in the earth is health. The tree symbolises growth, development, stable state of the affairs for you.

Surrounded by “bad” cards, it represents an advice to think about your health. May indicate an overload, stress, need to rest. The Tree also gives a prediction about your well-being: good health, or disease, it is all directly connected to your own way of life. This card also points to a bright future and the fulfilment of all desires. The Tree represents the inner self – showing your vitality, health, energy and life satisfaction, the strength that these personal qualities radiate.

In some cases it also symbolizes life in a village in the country or outside the city – maybe an internal wish for rural life. Other important advice from this card: monitor your energy levels, don’t allow fatigue and overload to weaken your health; make time for rest and meditation; disturbing problems or chronic illness must be immediately addressed with treatment.

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