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#DailyGuidance for Monday, 13th July 2020

Love – Page of Swords

#DearSoul, In love questions, the Page of Swords points to mild conflict. Know when to push and when to back off, many fights and discussions are not actually worth having (as long as your partner is treating you with respect.) Allow your partner to have his or her space. This is crucial for happiness. If you‘re unattached, get out and mingle. Love doesn‘t drop out of the sky by itself.

Career & Finances – 6 of Wands

#DearSoul, Energy alliance Gives promise of victory. Go ahead and plan your schedule accordingly. If you try, it will be a success. Such success sustains of past efforts, and trust to your own experience. When you trust your power and yourself, you can achieve your goals. You’ll find the rewards that you deserve it, provided that the maximum of your ability is focused to find it.

Health – Knight of Pentacles

#DearSoul, Relating to health questions, the Knight suggests that your biggest pay off health-wise lives mainly in the mundane. Start with the basics: are you getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating healthy foods? You don‘t have to undergo some full scale, uncomfortable, and difficult regime to feel better. Small, positive steps are most likely the kind of change that you can live with and make permanent.

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