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#DailyGuidance for Friday, 31st July 2020 Love

Love – Ace of Wands

#DearSoul, If you are single, this can indicate the beginning of a new love relationship heading your way. Make yourself available for love in whatever way makes sense to you. If you are already committed, the ace tells you that the relationship is about to undergo a ‘new beginning,‘ and you will rise to new levels of understanding each other. Express yourself.

Career & Finances – King of Pentacles

#DearSoul, Excellent opportunities for commercial and money-making will happen that will improve your life. Recognise the opportunities and you’ll succeed in whatever you invest. You are attractive and effective. King of Pentacles recommends that you assume the role of leadership and responsibility in the work to get new experience and you’ll get to expand your sphere of influence. King of Pentacles also could visualize influence of a person in your life with mentioned characteristics and attitudes. He is a loyal partner in life and reliable in critical condition.

Health – Knight of Swords

#DearSoul, The Knight of Swords points to relatively good news with regard to health, but you may be told to slow down a little. If so, do as you‘re told. The Knight has an element of somewhat grandiose energy and behaviour. Yet doing your own homework into what‘s ailing you can be helpful. You can harness your own healing energy and power now.


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Card Deck – The Paulina Tarot Deck

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