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Crystal Therapy – Remedies using Crystals

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There are many ancient systems that can be used to get the desired results in various situations. Today we will start with Crystals. The crystals have enormous healing properties. Each crystal has a different crystalline structure that vibrates in a particular pattern. Due to this they create energy fields and enhance various aspects of our lives.

We will discuss 4 specific crystals today. The first crystal is called Rose Quartz. This is the Master Healing crystal for love and relationships. This crystal helps heal our relationship problems. It helps to attract true love into our lives. It also helps loving ourselves and opens our heart chakra. This crystal is wonderful to get the true love of your life. This crystal also helps in getting back lost love. For any issues related to your relationships use this crystal. You will get a lot of attention after using this crystal. Use it discreetly.

The second crystal I want to talk about is Citrine. It’s the crystal of Prosperity. This stone will attract wealth and opportunities for you. You will need to keep this crystal in a money box. You can create your own money box by putting a few currency notes, coins, and jewelry in a box. Keep the Citrine in one corner of the Money Box and keep it away from eyesight. Your money and income will start growing. You may start getting new ideas and inspirations for new opportunities, be proactive, and work on those. These are indications from the Universe for your financial growth.

The Third Crystal is called as Black Tourmaline. This crystal absorbs all kinds of negative energies and protects you from and negativities. A lot of times we tend to feel very lethargic and down in our energies. We feel disappointed and gloomy without any particular reason. A very high chance is there that you are under the impression of some negative energies in this kind of situation. Black Tourmaline helps us to protect from all these negative energies and keep us safe. Keep the black Tourmaline with you when you go out in your bag or purse to achieve maximum protection.

Last but not the least, our master crystal for focus and clarity is Amethyst. This crystal helps us gain mental strength and clarity. Whenever we need inner strength and clarity in our lives this crystal is the one to go for. It also helps in mental peace, good sleep, and peace of mind. Wear it as a bracelet or meditate keeping a cluster of Amethyst in front of you to get maximum benefits. These 4 crystals will help you shape your destiny in all spheres of life. We wish you all the best for lots of love, prosperity, and peace in life. Jai Shri Krishna!

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