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A Surprising Link Between Narcissism and Belief in Astrology

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Astrology is an historical apply that is still standard in lots of locations on the planet, together with within the U.S. Certainly, almost one in three American adults imagine in astrology.

The phrase astrology comes from the Greek astron, that means star. Astrology refers back to the examine of the motion, place, and different facets of stars and planets with the intention of acquiring data about human lives and future occasions.

Why do folks imagine in astrology? There is no such thing as a easy reply. Normally, persons are drawn to astrological explanations or predictions throughout instances of stress, confusion, and uncertainty. For example, throughout instances of social and political upheaval (e.g., revolutions, pandemics) or private disaster (e.g., critical sickness), many flip to astrology as a approach to cope and really feel life is controllable or a minimum of predictable.

As for different drivers of particular person distinction of perception in astrology, elements reminiscent of age, gender, training, spirituality, pondering model, perspective, persona, and cognitive potential might play a job. This brings us to a latest examine by Andersson and colleagues from Sweden, to be printed within the March 2022 situation of Character and Particular person Variations, which means that perception in astrology is related to increased narcissism and decrease intelligence.

Why increased narcissism? Maybe as a result of the deal with the self and one’s particular place within the universe appeals to narcissists. As well as, sure paranormal and superstitious beliefs—reminiscent of narcissists’ beliefs regarding their very own supposed superior talents (e.g., “I’m psychic”)—may additionally make narcissists really feel particular and superior.

And why decrease intelligence? Doubtlessly as a result of perception within the paranormal is commonly related to an absence of essential pondering. For example, believers could assume supernatural causality for occasions and, because of decrease intelligence and cognitive potential, fail to regulate their pondering when introduced with empirical proof on the contrary.

With this introduction in thoughts, it’s time to study the findings of the analysis by Andersson and collaborators, who evaluated the hyperlink between astrology, intelligence, and persona (notably narcissism).

Investigating astrology, persona, and intelligence

The pattern included 264 folks, 87% of them girls, with an age vary of 25 to 34. They accomplished the next assessments:

  • The Perception in Astrology Stock (BAI): Eight objects chosen from an inventory of 24; the objects faucet into beliefs in regards to the significance of astrology and the affect of heavenly our bodies on temper, habits, and the long run (e.g., relationship success).
  • The IPIP-30 Character Scale: 30 objects used to measure the Large 5 persona traits—i.e. agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and openness to expertise.
  • Quick Darkish Triad of Character (SD3-Narcissism): The Quick Darkish Triad (SD3) has 27 objects, with equal numbers assessing grandiose narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. Solely the 9 objects measuring narcissism have been used on this investigation. For instance, “I do know that I’m particular as a result of everybody retains telling me so.”
  • Intelligence was evaluated utilizing the 4 three-dimensional rotation objects (measuring visual-spatial reasoning) from the Worldwide Cognitive Potential Useful resource.

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The hyperlink between astrology, narcissism, and intelligence

Earlier than discussing the outcomes, I ought to clarify that for many individuals, studying about astrology and astrological charts (e.g., studying horoscopes) is a innocent pastime. For some, nonetheless, astrology is a deeply held perception. These people spend a lot time studying horoscopes and will spend some huge cash consulting astrologers and different diviners or fortune-tellers. May those that maintain such sturdy beliefs in astrology differ from the typical individual in necessary methods? Sure, based on this analysis, which discovered that increased perception in astrology is linked with increased narcissism.


The optimistic affiliation between narcissistic persona and perception in astrology, the authors speculate, is because of the “self-centered worldview uniting them.” As well as, “cultural facets of millennials could emphasize the individuality of people which could result in a extra selfish view of the world, and thus relate to narcissistic traits.” Lastly, “Astrological predictions and horoscopes are usually positively framed; this reinforces grandiose emotions and thus may attraction much more to narcissists.”

Narcissism Important Reads

Evaluation of the information additionally confirmed narcissists tended to imagine erroneously that perception in astrology is supported by scientific proof.

A further discovering was that clever folks have been much less prone to imagine in astrology, whereas agreeable ones have been extra prone to imagine in it.

The reviewed examine had a lot of limitations, reminiscent of an absence of random sampling, contributors being primarily younger girls, and the usage of largely shortened variations of the scales. Due to this fact, future analysis wants to duplicate the current findings. Till then, we must always chorus from drawing sturdy conclusions about perception in astrology and its affiliation with increased narcissism and decrease intelligence.

Nonetheless, because the authors argue, this is a vital space of analysis, since perception in astrology could also be correlated with perception in different pseudosciences and even conspiracy theories.

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