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8 Vastu tips to follow if you have pets at home

The normal Vastu view on retaining pets at house is quite indifferent, viewing them as greatest left open air. If that leaves an animal lover feeling miffed; it’s relieving to know that the Vastu Shastras have been written in a distinct day and age—when animals and people shared a extra transactional relationship, not an emotional bond, in an agrarian age. The exception to the rule was that nearly each Hindu deity was escorted by a vahana or a automobile: Ganesha propped himself on a tiny mouse, Saraswati flew round on a swan, and Shiva domesticated a livid bull. Within the land of the holy cow, we might haven’t been snug with retaining an animal indoors, however we definitely did revere them as divine messengers.


Delhi-based Vastukar Shilpa Khurana says that the trendy Indian can undertake a vahana of their alternative, and maintain them indoors too. She affords you just a few Vastu ideas if in case you have pets at house.

Vastu-Compliant Pets

Vastu recommends caring for pets similar to canine, tropical fish, parrots and lovebirds, and even turtles, but it surely doesn’t view cats and doves in the identical gentle, which implies that for those who do select these species as pets, they’re greatest restricted to an amorphous area like a balcony or verandah.

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Undertake or purchase? 

Vastu will facet the animal activists right here, stating that you’re solely allowed to boost a rescue animal. Shopping for a pet carries the karma of prematurely separating an toddler from its mom, which is merciless as per Vastu.


Birdcages are a Vastu Defect 

Vastu is strictly in opposition to caging birds as they symbolise the very reverse of freedom and autonomy. This will require some thought, however your native animal shelter can give you many alternate options on learn how to construct an indoor aviary or fowl perch, as an moral various to caging. In unhealthy occasions, place a fowl bathtub and an earthenware bowl within the south-east going through windowsill or balcony, and maintain replenishing it with seeds and water, to observe your luck change.

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