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6 Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Drainage

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Caring for houseplants can require some work, which turns off some folks even when they crave the wonder and infinite advantages of greenery of their dwelling. Loads of considerations include plant care, corresponding to underwatering or overwatering, what kind of soil to make use of, and when to repot a plant.

Most houseplants want well-draining soil to develop and flourish. If water doesn’t drain out by way of the underside of the pot correctly, the plant’s roots can rot and finally the plant will die. For many who are on the lookout for easy-care choices, the thought of crops that don’t want drain holes of their rising containers may be interesting.

Some specialists say there are crops that handle to develop in a pot with out drainage for a wide range of causes, corresponding to with the ability to tolerate soggy soil for lengthy intervals of time or with the ability to develop instantly in water in a watertight container. Should you’re rising these crops in soil with out a drainage gap, you should definitely give them rocks on the backside of their pot to distribute the surplus water away from roots to maintain them their healthiest.

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1. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

plants that don’t need drain holes spider plant

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Spider crops are among the finest examples of a plant that doesn’t want drainage, as they simply adapt to rising in water. As a result of they originate from tropical areas of Africa the place they have been uncovered to massive quantities of water and oblique daylight, they will simply get well from water injury.

Spider crops are recognized for his or her speedy progress and lengthy, gentle inexperienced and white fronds. These crops thrive in heat, humid environments with vivid, oblique daylight and have to be watered as soon as per week or when soil dries barely. If rising in water solely, it is suggested to vary the water each 3 to five days and add fertilizer to the water as soon as a month. If the frond ideas start to brown on crops in faucet water, change to distilled water or rainwater.

So when you don’t want a pot with drainage for those who’re rising your spider plant in water, it is going to want drainage for those who’re rising it in soil.

2. Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides)

plants that don’t need drain holes

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You’ll often discover Spanish moss rising from bushes in areas of excessive humidity. Because it absorbs water and vitamins from the ambiance, it doesn’t require soil, which implies no drainage holes essential. Actually, you possibly can connect Spanish moss to a chunk of bark and develop in a heat space or a greenhouse. Merely mist the gray-green tendrils not less than twice per week and fertilize it with high-phosphorus liquid fertilizer each two weeks. Should you collect your Spanish moss within the wild, microwave it to eliminate any tiny bugs earlier than cultivating it at dwelling. It’s also possible to buy it at backyard facilities.

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3. Chinese language Evergreen (Aglaonema spp.)

plants that don’t need drain holes chinese evergreen

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Native to Asia, this hardy perennial tropical plant has floppy inexperienced leaves that are available a wide range of shades. It thrives in each water and moist or moist soil, which implies it could develop in pots with out drainage holes. Since these crops bounce again simply if not watered constantly and solely want minimal gentle, they’re low upkeep and nice for freshmen.

Simply remember that Chinese language evergreens are poisonous to pets, and their leaves will burn if they’re uncovered to vivid direct daylight. It’s endorsed to vary the water about each three days if rising the plant in water solely and if rising in soil to water as soon as per week or when the soil turns into dryl.

4. Lemon Button Fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia ‘Duffii’)

plants that don’t need drain holes lemon button fern

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To not be confused with its cousin, the Button Fern, the Lemon Button Fern is hardy sufficient to thrive in a pot with out drainage holes. Do embrace rocks or pebbles on the backside of the pot to maintain the plant’s roots from standing in water and keep away from overwatering. The Lemon Button Fern likes humid areas, in order that they make excellent additions to terrariums for show and even reptile tanks the place they provide dwell decor on your scaly pal. If rising in a pot, water as soon as per week and mist most days.

5. Fortunate Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

plants that don’t need drain holes lucky bamboo

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This in style houseplant is cherished for its ease of care, smooth look, and feng shui advantages. Whereas it resembles a mini bamboo plant, it’s not truly associated to bamboo in any respect and incorporates a softer, fleshier stem than the woody bamboo. This plant is commonly offered rising in water in a small vessel. It can also develop in a vase with pebbles on the backside to maintain the stalks in an upright place. It will probably tolerate a wide range of gentle circumstances, making it an easy-care plant.

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6. Prayer Plant

plants that don’t need drain holes mantara plant

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Accessible in many types that includes enticing leaf patterns in shades of inexperienced, crimson, and maroon, these decorative houseplants are from the rainforests of Brazil. They get their title as a result of through the day the leaves lie flat however at evening they rise and fold inward to seem like praying fingers. You possibly can develop a prayer plant in water for just a few months, or you possibly can develop it in a pot with out drainage holes, so long as you don’t overwater it.

Prayer crops like constantly moist soil however are inclined to root rot. So if you would like a low-maintenance routine, give your prayer plant drainage holes. However for those who’re prepared to test on it ceaselessly and measure its water utilization, use a pot with out holes and preserve the soil at a constant moisture degree. Place the plant in a brightly lit space away from direct daylight to keep away from bleaching of the leaves.

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