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5 ways to escape consumerism and be happy

Is it required to make our lives over complicated. Is it essential to squeeze every single second of our lives to gain most out of it.

Why do we need to make ourselves spey productive to be successful?

Can we turn the conventional learning upside down to enjoy life being lazy. Can we keep ourselves productive and at the same time be laid back. Is it actually required for us to earn more and more every year? 

How can we escape from this huge maze of consumerism that we are being subjected to? 

1. Be Aware

The first step will be to being aware about the world as it is. Everywhere we can see the effects of consumerism, by being aware we automatically cut it’s effect by half. Each decision in your life, weigh it before you act upon it. Is your decision somehow promoting more consumerism? If the answer is yes, try to stop and look for alternatives.

Consumerism makes us think that owning something, becoming something, doing something will give us happiness. Stay away from this cycle, be aware. 

2.Find your Inner Source of Happiness

We need to find our inner source of happiness. What is that one thing which gives us real happiness? It might be painting, singing, collecting butterflies anything. Once you are aware what gives you inner peace, the next step is to make sure you include it somehow in your daily or weekly schedule. 

Rather than giving of making it a career, which will be very good if it happens. The primary goal should be to indulge in your source of true happiness often as possible. It should be your Oasis of happiness in this busy commercial world.

3. Make your companion aware

It becomes impossible to stay alone for a long time. You might not be able to make the whole world aware about the dangers of consumerism. But try as much as possible to make your partner aware about your thought and get them onboard with the ideology. If they don’t accept your thoughts don’t be frustrated and carry on to pursue your thoughts from your own side. 

But the benefit of your companion jobs you in your cause is so huge that it is worth to take the risk. I am not saying break your relationship, just don’t behave like a fanatic in front of your partner if they don’t believe in your cause. 

4. Find the Sweet Spot

Find the sweet spot of your life in terms of material need. What are those aspects which you don’t want to compromise upon e.g Kid’s education. What are those aspects of your life which you are ready to leave to escape consumerism. Carefully chalk out a plan to slowly come out of this vicious cycle in life. 

5. Enjoy Life

The basic concept is that whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with, see the positives in every aspect and enjoy life. 


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