Tarot card Reading

What can one expect from a session

Tarot readings are clairvoyant sessions whereby we work with both the Tarot and or Angel cards in conjunction with channelling messages relevant to where you are in life right now. The readings are conducted over 60 minutes and will focus on working with various spreads relating to the questions you wish to cover.

What improves the clarity of a session is the use of direct questioning so that both the Tarot and the reader can work in channelling clear answers to questions regarding your relationships, work and care, finances and life direction.

What questions can I ask?

Sample questions included

- What do I need to know about my...(relationships/work/career/finances)

- What does the year ahead hold for me relating to...(relationship/work/career/finances)

- What do I need to know about a particular person, situation or event?

- Will I receive a positive outcome for a particular situation or event?

- If I take action on (X?)... – What will the outcome be?

- I need to decide between two options, what option will provide me the best outcome?

- What is my life path?

- What are my lessons in this situation, event, or relationship?

- What lessons am I learning from my past life?

- What do my higher self/Angels/Guides want me to know?

Note: In regards to Health related questions, please note that readings are limited to interpreting the energy around the aura and body.

Prior to a reading

- Please write down your questions to be reviewed

- Please ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol for atleast 12hrs prior to the reading.

- If you have a support person with you, please note that they cannot sit with you in the reading as this can disturb the messages coming through.

- Bring a bottle of water for during and post the reading

- Bring a note pad (optional)

Reading Investment:

- Full reading – (60 minutes) 1000/- including recorded audio

- Short reading – (20-30 Minutes) 600/- including recorded audio

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